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In Maple Land

Location Montréal

Since I'm not sure if any non-German-speaking people look at these pages at all, I won't write a full translation of all the text as I did for the Spitsbergen reports. Instead I'll give a brief summary. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

There isn't much maple in maple country in February.
At least no living maple, in town not at all anyway. Frost and snow keep life down. The nice sunshine can't deceive about the two digits degrees C below zero.

View towards Montreal

This is Montreal, seen from a bridge. In the forground, you can see St. Lawrence flowing. Everything is big and wide, completely boundless in comparison to Europe, both in width as in heigth, whereas not necessesarily in depth.


Fortunately, the track is properly fenced.


There's snow as well. Not precisely little. Fine powder, with dark ice at the bottom. But it's different from Germany, where it shows up all over sudden, as quickly as it'll disappear again. It's simply there, nobody cares, like a stone or a piece of grass or lawn. Like sand on the beach or leaves in summer. It wouldn't be allowed not to be there, it was just unthinkable.

special semiotics

The only thing which really is manageable is the underground. And they have fancy pictogramms on the walls.

special semiotics II

The pictogramms are just great here. I do think a bavarian "OBACHT !" is missing, then it could very well be used on the Oktoberfest.


Arts abounds in Montréal.


And weird architecture.


And of course ice, in combination with weird architecture.

Ice & architecture

But at first, whereever you go, ice. You can slide on it. And puzzled by the strangly subtle contrast to Europe you can skate across it.

The background is made of St. Lawrence ice floes, by the way.

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written in February 2005