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In the realm of the Good

Outback, real estate and masters of the universe

(Since I'm just lazy boy and telling my story in German is quite time consuming I will fully translate all the reports when I retire (or if I'm explicitly asked for it) ).

Much time has passed since the olympic games took place in Montreal in 1976. It wasn't just once that the trees let fall their leaves. However, socialism in Germany should not experience this cloudy afternoon in March 2005.


But in Canada you aren't such a nitpicker. In friendly togetherness the two German sisters dance there unconcernedly in the winds of the late winter by the olympic stadium in Montreal. How peaceful and united the play amidst the peopls of the world. This cute historcism is unfortunately confused when you see the updated russian flag in white, blue and red. Life can be so easy. But still somehow cheeky. At least there aren't any sphasticas floating around.

Blödes Kanada I

Ottawa, somewhat reminiscent of the old world.

Blödes Kanada II

A barn. In Bavaria ? In Brandenburg ? In Québéc !?!? It's obviously about to jump. Since years.

Ok, enough negativism.




The track to the grandfather's ground stretches out incredibly.


Snowscooters! Out here, too!


Hours and hours later the map claims where there. We have to walk the remaining distance through the boonies. Stuoid German tourists without snow shoes...


In the woods it's finally getting absurd to continue. Sweat, swears and boughs force us.


Beavers are extraordinarily wise. Nothing in this season could be smarter than just sleeping in the warm shelter of your den.


Later we manage to get through to the ground across the frozen Lake of the Fifteens (Lac des Quinzes). How nice to be there. Your personal rock. Nothing better in the world. If you know something let me know. If not, contact me, I might be able to arrange some rock for you. They make you INCREDIBLY HAPPY!


I refuse contributing to the myth of the Niagara-Falls. This picture shows the view away FROM the falls. I wonder how they could explain this to the ghost living in the waterfalls (how the Icelandics would say).


But before turning to the USA and the kings of the world, let direct your attention to a students' journal where an article I wrote was recently published: Der Bernd . It's German of course. The article you can read here, the whole edition 28 here.

Bauwerk Just to clarify this once again: there are scientists who claim, that a bad mood increases your vigilance and perceptiom. They say, the world is becoming more and more complex. What, if we're getting happier and happier? And accordingly our minds dumber and dumber?
We'd have to say everthing's getting more and more complicated and technical. There can't be universal scholars anymore.

And what does this mean when it comes to the country of victors and the country of optimism, the U.S.A. ?


Pretzels are great, America, too. What the fuck with all this criticism? I understand everything. Good clean fun.


The skyline of New York City is irritating. The dots denoted the era before the irritation. The Guardian Matteo is residing in this starship of cultures.

Ground Zero

If you look closer, it's even more irritating.


At night, irritation is even worse. I want to get back home.

 Glühender Patriotismus

I'm allowed to quite soon. To defeat my irritation with ardent patriotism!

That's it with learning from the winners. Loosing needs to be learnt, too.

written in June 2005 by nvf